Inland Border Facility

Sevington Near Ashford, Kent

Project Sector

Distribution & Logistics


Kent County Council

Nationally-important infrastructure on an epic scale

Having successfully delivered the Inland Border Facility (IBF) at Manston Airport, we were approached by Kent County Council to construct a second, much larger project at Sevington, near Ashford. This was a time-barred contract, commencing in July 2020, with a fixed 38-week completion deadline. It was also the biggest project we’ve undertaken in our history.

The greenfield site consisted of two areas, each roughly 31 hectares (76 acres), separated by a public right of way. The original requirement was to strip the topsoil from one block and cover it with 250mm of 6F5 capping, overlaid with 200mm of Type 1 product – over 245,000 tonnes of 6F5 and 80,000 tonnes of Type 1 in total.

As the project progressed, the specification changed rapidly and continuously. Our package eventually encompassed a wide range of works, including:

  • Upgrading the entire site to a SUDS surface, requiring an extra 92,000 tonnes of material.
  • Tarmacadam and kerbing for all circulation roads.
  • Cabling and ducting for CCTV and ANPR.
  • Lighting columns, security fencing, noise and environmental barriers.
  • Fire-fighting facilities.
  • Five Customs inspection sheds.
  • 15 modular offices.
  • Hard and soft landscaping throughout requiring other quarry products totalling 35,000 tonnes.

With teams often working six or seven days a week, and up to 250 staff on-site, the project was completed on time, despite the wettest autumn since 1891, followed by the coldest winter in 50 years. All materials were supplied by Gallagher Aggregates.