Energy Policy

Gallagher Group are committed to contributing to the national and global strategy of ensuring energy security by the implementation of an effective Energy Management System (EnMS) that is appropriate to our activities and operations. The scope of this energy policy covers all sites and operational activities under the financial control of Gallagher Group. We remain on a continuing path towards a sustainable future where every effort is made to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels by improving our energy performance in all key aspects:

  • energy efficiency
  • energy use/application
  • energy consumption

Our Policy:

Our energy management strategy is developed not only to improve our energy performance and associated costs but to complement Gallagher’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan to achieve net zero by 2050.

Our Commitment:

In support of our approach, we will ensure that:

  • Our senior management team demonstrates leadership in energy management and the implementation of an effective Energy Management System
  • We maintain compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements as the minimum standard whilst actively seeking ways to outperform these in relation to energy efficiency, consumption and use
  • Our EnMS is being developed to provide a framework for setting and reviewing energy performance objectives and targets
  • There will be standards set to ensure the availability of information, necessary resources and training/awareness to achieve our energy performance objectives and targets
  • We ensure that the energy performance of goods and services is an integral part of the Gallagher procurement procedure
  • We support design activities with improved energy performance and explore opportunities to be early adopters of energy-efficient technologies
  • We are committed to monitoring and reviewing our energy performance and EnMS regularly, using a systematic approach to ensure continual improvement of our energy performance

This policy statement will be reviewed, as a minimum, annually and communicated within the group as well as with the interested parties as appropriate.