Aggregates Carbon Policy

Gallagher Aggregates Ltd is committed to reducing carbon emissions and to achieving government targets of Net zero by 2050 by ensuring the implementation of an effective Carbon Management System that is aligned with the strategic direction of our business. We remain on a continuing path towards a greener and even more collaborative future where every effort is made to reduce our operational carbon emissions and to supply low-carbon materials/products to our clients through innovation and continual improvement.

In support of our approach:

  • Our senior management team demonstrates leadership in the management of greenhouse gas emissions from our activities by effective implementation of the Carbon Management System and incorporating carbon management into decision-making.
  • We ensure compliance with emission reduction regulations, statutory obligations, internal procedures and relevant industry codes of practice for sector decarbonisation.
  • We have set our emission reduction objectives and targets to align with the sector decarbonisation approach, using the findings of annual carbon appraisals and information gathered through monitoring our performance.
  • Our challenging but achievable emission reduction roadmap to net zero is set in line with industry targets and government pledges to net zero; action plans to achieve its milestones are annually reviewed and signed off by the senior management.
  • Whilst measuring and reducing our operational emissions, we closely work with our valued supply chain to measure and mitigate indirect emissions within our influence boundaries.
  • We follow the carbon reduction hierarchy and select the best collective approach for meeting or exceeding the emission reduction targets by engaging with other members of our supply chain.
  • We have benchmarked our performance against industry peers to ensure we not only match their ambitions but outperform them.
  • We provide training and development resources for our employees to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities for managing carbon emissions and their impact on the reduction of overall emissions.
  • All employees are responsible for ensuring the Company’s Carbon Management System and procedures are implemented and complied with at a local level.

This policy will be reviewed, as a minimum, annually and communicated within the company as well as with the interested parties as appropriate.