To be the very best at everything that we do…

…that was my objective when we started 45 years ago and it remains the same for us all today.

I am immensely proud that The Gallagher Group has grown and developed into one of South East’s most successful privately owned businesses.

Our diversity is unique as we operate on a significant scale in Building, Civil Engineering, Quarrying, Ready Mix Concrete, Kentish Ragstone Building Stone, Landfill, Plant & Transport, Property Development, Property Management, Farming and Estate Management. Although diverse, all these activities link together in one way or another – it is a rich mix.

Our business is our passion; we succeed through a combination of our passionate people, our relationships, our energy and our pride.

None of this is possible without the Gallagher people. Over the years I have been fortunate to gather around me some of the most talented and committed people you could ever wish to meet and have the pleasure of working with, whether they are digging a trench, designing a building, answering the telephone or making the key decisions.

The Gallagher Group will continue to develop and flex to suit the needs of the market and we will ensure that the ‘get it done’ culture underpins our every thought and action.

Our history is good and our future will be better – the ambition burns strong and the pride will always be there.

Whatever your reason for reading this, we want you to be confident in our ability and to enjoy the experience of dealing with us.

Pat Gallagher

Head Office address:
Gallagher Group, Leitrim House, Little Preston
Aylesford, Kent ME20 7NS

Telephone: 01622 716543
Email: info@gallagher-group.co.uk

Aggregates address:
Gallagher Aggregates Ltd., Hermitage Quarry
Hermitage Lane, Maidstone, Kent ME16 9NT

Telephone: 01622 726262
Email: quarry@gallagher-group.co.uk