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Memorial stones

Gallagher's Masonry Department is able to supply bespoke, hand-crafted memorial stones made from Kentish Ragstone.

Pitch Faced Walling

Pitch faced walling stone is made from Kentish Ragstone blocks which are cut into dimensional slabs via a large primary saw, then into precise dimensions and hand dressed to suit specific project requirements.

Sawn and dressed pitched face stone combines the beauty of natural stone with easy laying and consistent joint widths to match and bond with other construction materials if required.

The degree of pitch on the face of the stone walling blocks varies greatly from almost flat to a very distinctive protruding pitch. This type of building stone also comes in a wide range of sizes to suit course height and modern building requirements.

In addition to Kentish Ragstone’s natural durability, pitch faced stone also benefits from a beautiful weathered appearance.

This combination makes it perfect for new build and historic houses that are designed to have a traditional period feel.

Pitch Faced Kentish Ragstone

Random rubble walling

Random Rubble Walling, also called rubblework, is the use of undressed, rough stone, generally in the construction of walls. Dry-stone random rubble walls, for which rough stones are piled up without mortar, is the most basic form. An intermediate method is polygonal rubble walling, for which stones are split faced and roughly dressed to suit a specific pattern or design.

Galleted Random Rubble Walling features stones of varying sizes and joint widths with small fillets or gallets bedded into the mortar between the stones.

Random Rubble stonework bound with mortar was often used historically as an infilling between dressed wall faces as an inner ‘hearting’ or core to the external wall faces.

Many medieval cathedrals, ecclesiastical and historic properties were built in this manner.

Random Rubble Walling

Split faced walling

Gallagher’s split faced walling will enhance any contemporary or traditional setting, providing a perfect match with other Kentish Ragstone products.

The carefully hand selected stone ensures a rich colour compatibility and premium look.

The Sawn Finish Walling is precision sawn for consistent thickness to match modern construction requirements and will create a stunning contemporary wall, which can be either course or random squared.

Kentish Ragstone is sawn 4 sides and available in dimensions to suit specific project requirements.

The split faced walling can be tumbled on all sides to give an aged look to the stone.

Split face walling has a lesser pronounced flatter texture, leaving a raw cropped face to the stone.

Split Faced Walling

Square Split Faced Walling

Kentish Ragstone can be supplied in a semi squared formation, being precision sawn for consistent thickness to match modern construction requirements. The stone is sawn 4 sides and available in dimensions to suit specific project requirements.

Split face walling has a lesser pronounced flatter texture, leaving a raw cropped face to the stone.

Carved and bespoke

With our in-house experienced team of craftsmen Gallagher is able to provide hand carved stone to suit individual bespoke requirements.

Kentish Ragstone can be carved and moulded to suit and replicate existing and new molding requirements, whether it be a small ecclesiastical piecing requirement or a new window or doorway.

Carved and bespoke Kentish Ragstone

Floor and wall tiles

Kentish Ragstone is available in a selection of floor and wall tiles, cut and textured to suits clients' specific requirements. The rich earthy colours of the limestone lend itself to be used in a variety of projects, internally and externally.

Technical data sheet - slabs for external paving

Landscape Stone

Add stylish and practical touches to your outdoor space with Kentish Ragstone. The possibilities are endless for
external paths, patios, steps, fire pits, water features and general landscaping requirements.

Terraced Kentish Ragstone steps can create a strong focal point and bring character to your garden. Pavers take up most of the
space where unwanted weeds and grass might grow, creating a striking pattern, and clear direction and division within your

Kentish Ragstone chippings with its earthy texture and its crunchy sound underfoot are the reasons why this oldest of hardscapes
will always be perceived as the softest of paving materials.

Hefty Kentish Ragstone boulders help anchor the hillsides and undulating features within your garden, forming the perfect spot
for displaying plants.

Kentish Ragstone is ideal for water features, such as a rocky bank, stepping stones and broad flagstones near the water’s edge. Even a few small boulders or monoliths strategically positioned next to a path or perimeter fence can make a striking design statement.

Landscape Kentish Ragstone

Polished Kentish Ragstone

Kentish Ragstone can be polished to a high gloss finish which can be used for tables, counter tops, desk tops, vanity tops etc.