Gallagher operates an efficiently managed landfill site at Hermitage Quarry, close to Junction 5 of the M20. The landfill site is operated in accordance with the stringent measures set out in the Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) Permitting Regulations.

A strict protocol of inspection at entry to the site ensures that only suitable inert waste is accepted.

Inert waste that cannot be recycled is used to fill the void left by quarrying, enabling the land to be returned to a combination of farmland, hedgerows and broadleaved woodland. To date, over 40 acres of land on the Hermitage Estate have been restored.

This sustainable process of borrowing land, removing and storing soils, quarrying the underlying ragstone and then returning it to restored land of an improved quality represents a full cycle in land use. This has recently been demonstrated at Ryarsh near West Malling where Gallagher has been operating a landfill site to infill the large void that was left by a local brick company after many years of sand extraction. The land has been transferred back to agricultural use. Click here to read a case study on the restoration of Ryarsh.

For more information, or if you have some inert waste to go to landfill, please contact:

Nick Gibbins
Commercial Manager
01622 726262

Daniel Masterson
Sales Representative
01622 726262