Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) Policy

At Gallagher Group we are committed to the health, safety and welfare of all our people who work with us and those who are affected by our operations. We are also committed to ensuring good management practices that do not harm the environment.

To do this we will ensure effective and safe processes are in place within all parts of the organisation, including the operational businesses, which the Group supports or maintains strategic oversight. This includes quality and business management systems to support efficiency and innovation, and effective health and safety processes that meet legal requirements and good environmental management standards.

Our key objectives at Gallagher Group to meet this commitment are:

  • Setting strategic direction of the businesses, which will include HSEQ requirements at all stages of strategy and planning
  • Ensuring sufficient and suitable resources are allocated to enable HSEQ policies to be implemented
  • Ensuring management systems provide for effective monitoring and reporting of our HSEQ performance
  • Ensuring competence frameworks are in place to ensure work processes are conducted safely and effectively. This includes access to competent health, safety and environmental management advice and support
  • Maintaining at least minimum legal requirements for health, safety and environmental management, working towards best practice standards where practicable. A process of risk assessment and elimination/mitigation of controls will support this objective
  • Methods for communication and consultation throughout all parts of our businesses are in place to enable the Group to proactively manage and monitor standards and direct resources where necessary as part of a continuous improvement process

To support these objectives the Gallagher Group will require each business unit to prepare its own Policy Statement which describes the arrangements in place to enable them to meet these key objectives. The significant responsibilities, accountabilities of key role holders and the actual procedures to address legal requirements will be documented where the business has five or more employees.

Our policy will be reviewed and revised as necessary, and at least annually.