Health and Safety

We have a firm commitment to ensuring the absolute safety and well-being of all our staff and visitors to our sites, offices and the general public. We achieve this through:

  • A dedicated internal health and safety team which trains and supports staff to achieve an ever decreasing level of accidents, incidents and near misses.
  • Encouraging staff to be responsible and vigilant at all times, promoting a positive attitude to health and safety, supported by our high standards of reporting, monitoring and controlling potential accidents.
  • Management being visiable, committed and supportive.
  • Motivating our staff to continually support each other to ensure safe working conditions.
  • Maintaining a modern, well serviced plant and transport fleet.
  • A commitment to responsible occupational health practices: e.g. manual handling, exposure to substances, noise, vibration risk, stress, working at height etc
  • A management system that is certificated to the international standard ISO 45001:2018

To support our internal resources and procedures, we consult and work with independent experts who regularly visit and audit our operations. This way, we continually develop good working practices in safety that comply fully with all legal and regulatory requirements.

External advisors include:

  • Group - PHSC
  • Contracting - PHSC
  • Aggregates - MPR Safety
  • Farm - MPR Safety

Gallagher HSEQ Statement