Gallapave RCC

Gallapave RCC
Gallapave RCC
Gallapave RCC
Gallapave RCC

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Gallapave Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a zero-slump concrete that is compacted by vibratory rollers.

  • Up to 5000m2 can be laid in one day
  • No formwork is required
  • No need for reinforcing steel
  • No finishing – as it has a rolled finish, similar to fine rolled asphalt

The surface texture of RCC is smooth and suitable for parking, materials handling and road pavements, where the traffic speeds are relatively low (< 60 km/hour).

RCC can be designed to achieve compressive and flexural strengths comparable to pavement quality concrete and may be regarded for pavement design purposes as unreinforced concrete.

RCC surface finish

Generally, an ‘as-rolled’ finish may be expected, similar in appearance and texture to fine rolled asphalt.

Applied finishes such as brushed or power-floated are also possible with RCC.

RCC is quick to install and requires no reinforced steel.

Construction and laying

Gallapave RCC is transported to the point of placing in tipper trucks. It is then placed using a tracked pavers to achieve in excess of 85% compaction for accurate level control. Compaction has a direct bearing on in-situ strength, surface finish and regularity. A twin steel drummed 10 tonne vibratory roller is recommended as the primary compactor. Pneumatic tyred rollers (PTR) can be very effective for providing a smooth, tight surface. A smaller static roller may be employed to free the surface from roller marks left by the primary compactor and PTR.

Any wet formed crack inducing should take place before rolling. Compaction should take place as soon as possible, to reduce moisture loss through evaporation or moisture ingress through rain.

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