Gallapave HBM

Gallapave HBM
Gallapave HBM
Gallapave HBM
Gallapave HBM
Gallapave HBM
Gallapave HBM

Gallapave HBM is a cost effective alternative to traditional pavement construction methods. It can be used in roads and pavements as a structural cement bound layer. Gallapave can reduce construction costs by up to 25% and lead to less excavated material going to landfill as the construction thickness is reduced.

Gallapave HBM brochure

What is Gallapave HBM?

Gallapave HBM is Gallagher Aggregates Ltd’s range of HBM (Hydraulically Bound Mixtures). It is made using natural and recycled quarry products and sharp sand. It is not reliant on utility or soil arisings. As a result, it is a consistent product.

Gallagher has a fully mobile Rapid-Mix 400 Continuous Mixer based at Hermitage Quarry in Maidstone.

  • 400 tonnes per Hour
  • Fully Mobile
  • Computer Controlled Batch
  • Latest Technology
  • Multi Product Capacity
  • Multi Cement Capability

Advantages of Gallapave

  • Locally sourced Kent Materials
  • Reduced Muck Away to Landfill
  • Reduction in embedded CO2
  • Speed of Application
  • Highly Durable
  • Produced to British & European Standards
  • Local Authority Approved
  • Overall cost of this road construction is reduced by up to 25%


Road construction can be reduced by around 25%, saving on excavation and landfill costs. A thinner construction of four layers instead of five also leads to a faster installation of the road.


The performance of Gallapave can often exceed the performance of unbound materials quite significantly. Performance is measured by compressive strength under a defined moisture condition value range. As HBM achieves this through cementitious binders, the specified thickness of sub-base, capping and pavement layers can be reduced.


Gallapave can be placed quickly and easily, by paver or excavator, often allowing the contractor to utilise on-site labour and plant for placement of material that would normally have been placed by a tarmac sub-contractor.


All products are manufactured in accordance with BS14227. Value engineered designs, prepared by a recognised pavement engineer, are offered in support of replacement bituminous layers. The products are supported by on-site training, placement advice and supervision, and ongoing compliance testing.


  • Sub Base Replacement
  • Base Course Replacement
  • Utility Reinstatement
  • Engineered Fill
  • Drainage Backfil
  • Piling Mat Construction
  • Capping Layers
  • Embankment Fill
  • Bespoke Design Options

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