Gallaflo Flowing Screed

Gallaflo Flowing Screed
Gallaflo Flowing Screed
Gallaflo Flowing Screed
Gallaflo Flowing Screed

Gallaflo flowing screed

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From its Hermitage Quarry in Maidstone and its Depot in Ashford, Gallagher is able to supply its range of Gallaflo flowing screeds.

Gallaflo is Gallagher’s range of high quality self compacting cement based liquid screeds for use in domestic and commercial projects. It complies with BS EN 13813.

Gallaflo is a cost effective alternative to traditional sand cement screeds. It can be laid as thinly as 25mm, and with high thermal conductivity it lends itself perfectly to underfloor heating areas. It is easy to install, quick drying and can be walked on in just 24 hours.


Gallaflo self compacting flowing screed is made to exacting standards by quality assured manufacturers to BS EN 13813:2002. It is a combination of high quality Cemfloor binder, specially selected sands, water and special additives where required. It is designed to offer a smooth flat and level surface for use in the vast majority of interior non wearing applications where a subsequent floor covering is to be used. Gallaflo screed is perfectly suited for use in floating, bonded or unbonded construction and can easily incorporate electric or warm water underfloor heating systems.


  • Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds. 25mm above underfloor heating pipes.
  • Larger floor areas without joints (up to 150m2).
  • Exceptional thermal conductivity (up to 2.9W/m.k).
  • Reduced drying times compared to other screeds. Moisture sensitive floor coverings can be applied when screed has dried
  • to a moisture content of <2.5% CM.
  • Self-compacting - no voids around underfloor heating pipes.
  • Can be polished for final floor finish.
  • All floor coverings can be applied with no need for surface sanding.
  • Reduced thickness of screed allows for thicker insulation and better thermal performance within the same floor zone.
  • Minimal drying shrinkage (<0.05%).
  • Foot traffic after 24 hours.
  • Can be applied in wet areas.
  • Can be force dried after 7 days.
  • Compatible with all cement based adhesives, including fast track systems. No need to use surface primers or sealers
  • before applying adhesives to the screed, subject to adhesive manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • No surface laitance (dust) after curing.
  • Easy installation - up to 1000m2 per day (reduces time and costs).


Gallaflo screeds should be used in accordance with BS8204-7:2003 ‘Code of Practice for Pumpable Self-Smoothing Screeds’. To ensure a high quality screed, it is recommended that application is carried out by a specialist screeding contractor who has completed the necessary training.


Gallaflo screeds are delivered to site ready to use via offsite mixing plants, removing the need for labour intensive site mixing and associated mixing equipment.

Gallaflo screeds are pumped directly to where they are needed, removing much of the manual handling required to install other screeds. Gallaflo screeds are generally pumped using equipment with closed or grilled dispensing hoppers, removing risk of contact with moving machinery.

Gallaflo screeds are finished using a lightweight dappling bar requiring no secondary compaction, thus removing most of the physical work needed to lay other screeds. This significantly reduces the negative impact on the musculo-skeletal system of
installing contractors.


Compressive strength    >20 N/mm2
Flexural strength     >4 N/mm2
Minimum thickness   Bonded:   25mm, Unbonded: 30mm, Domestic: 35mm, Commercial: 40mm, Over underfloor heating pipes:
25mm above pipes
Shrinkage (28 days)    <0.05%
Flow rate    220-250mm
Thermal conductivity    up to 2.9W/mk
Fire Rating    non-combustible
Open to light floor traffic    24 hours
BRE Impact Test    Cat A

For project specific advice or for more information, please contact Peter Hynes on or 01622 726262.

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