Changes to the environment affect people, plants, animals. Everything that we do potentially has an impact on the world around us, whether it is burning fossil fuels, the emission of carbon dioxide, disposing of waste, using clean water or wasting energy. As a Group we continue to reduce our carbon impact and act responsibly in trying to minimise the use of natural resources and to reduce waste in all its forms.

  • When we develop we build to a BREEAM standard, adopting appropriate design features such as movement sensitive lighting.
  • When we reinstate former quarries we create land to a better, enriched condition than before.
  • We recycle concrete/masonary and Macadam materials.

At the forefront of our priorities is the protection of people and having a sustainable business. The Group proactively manages compliance with health & safety and environmental legislation and standards.

We train our staff, suppliers and sub contracted companies to increase their awareness of reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing the local environment.

In all Group activities we aim to create an exciting sustainable environment for the future. We...

  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels and the emission of carbon dioxide.
  • Increase recovery and recycling of construction materials.
  • Reduce adverse impacts on land, air and water.
  • Restore natural habitats and reintroduce indigenous plants and wildlife.
  • Concentrate on sustainable development.
  • Work closely with local communities and authorities.
  • Ensure we are efficient and profitable to sustain jobs in Gallagher and in our suppliers.
  • Employ local people and services whenever possible, work close to home to reduce travel times and fuel consumption.

Gallagher's HSEQ Statement