West Malling Bypass

Client: Birse Civils Ltd
Contract Period:
Completion: December 2006
West Malling Bypass
West Malling Bypass

The West Malling bypass in Kent was widened and improved to improve traffic flow between West Malling and the M20.

Part of these improvement works included improvements to a bridge over the new dual carriageway. Gallagher was contracted to supply split face walling to clad the external elevations of this bridge, thus ensuring that the bridge fitted in with other bridges in the area and the local architecture. 

Kentish Ragstone is a very durable stone so is ideally suited to locations, such as this bypass, where there is high traffic volume. Gallagher Aggregates’ Masonry department’s modern production facility means that it is able to supply Kentish Ragstone building stone for new build as well as restoration projects.