Richborough Connection Project

Client: Murphy Eltel
Value: £6.5 million
Contract Period: 60 weeks
Completion: October 2017
Richborough Connection Project
Richborough Connection Project
Richborough Connection Project

Gallagher Ltd worked on part of the Nemo Link, a project to connect the electricity supply of Belgium with the UK via high voltage electricity cables under the sea.

Our contract included creating piling platforms for 60 pylons that run from Richborough on the east Kent coast to Canterbury at 500m intervals.

Gallagher Ltd was initially appointed by Carillion Eltel JV to undertake a civils contract consisting of forming multiple site entrances to individual work sites. Thereafter, temporary bridge decks and culvert crossings along live water courses were installed with the ultimate aim of creating piling platforms, crane hardstandings and structural concrete foundations for 60 electricity pylons running over a 22 mile length between Canterbury and Richborough. Following the demise of Carillion, the project was administrated by Murphy Eltel.

The revised route required some of the largest pylons ever installed on the UK soil and the foundation tolerances were minute - all works were constructed ‘first time’ with no setting out errors recorded.

The proposed route of the overhead power lines saw plenty of technical challenges with the provision of access to work sites from both a land owner, ecological and geological aspects, together with fluctuating levels of the numerous watercourses. Operationally, the project was one of the most difficult faced in terms of logistics with daily challenges for co-ordinating multiple tasks spread over such a large geographic location.

Once the cables were installed and the original pylons removed, all temporary works installed had to be removed and the ground reinstated to the original condition.

Sadly, our only permanent works remaining were the 240 foundation plinths, visible by being founded 150mm above ground level.