J and J Franks

Client: J and J Franks
Contract Period: 3 months
Completion: January 2012
J and J Franks
J and J Franks
J and J Franks
J and J Franks

Gallagher constructed a new accessway to join the two parts of J & J Franks’ Betchworth Quarry. This was fundamental to J & J Franks Limited, allowing it to continue operating its quarry activities and providing continued employment for its skilled work force.

The existing sand quarry with permitted landfill is located on both sides of the Old Reigate Road in Betchworth, Surrey.

Gallagher was awarded the contract for the construction of a cut and cover tunnel, and works were undertaken over a two month period. A diversion was set up to allow pedestrians and motorists to access the villages either side of the accessway.

The excavation was carried out in two stages. The first involved excavating around the existing statutory services (BT, UKPN - LV + HV and gas) which added to the challenges of the job. Ladder beams were used to span over the 16.00m excavation, with some services supported in split ducts and ratchet straps and the BT ducts using trunking and threaded rods. The existing water main was cut out and capped by the water company prior to the works starting. The ground was excavated to formation level and concrete base cast. The precast units were lifted into position by ABM Precast under a contract lift (the crane mat was previously prepared by Gallagher Ltd). The reinforcement and insitu concrete slab was prepared and concreted followed by backfilling to the underside of the road. Water proofing and mastic works to inside/outside of units were undertaken as the backfill was carried out. The sub-base stone, kerbing and tarmac to the road were laid along with topsoil works to the quarry banks and the erection of fencing. Finally, a tarmac strip was run through the tunnel.

Aggregates for the crane mat and road sub-base were supplied by Gallagher’s Hermitage Quarry.

The contract was completed within tight time constraints to minimise the disruption to local pedestrians and motorists.

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