Gallaflo at Maidstone Studios

Client: Maidstone Studios
Contract Period:
Completion: September 2015
Gallaflo at Maidstone Studios
Gallaflo at Maidstone Studios

Maidstone TV Studios had a problem as its floor surface in Studio 5 had begun to deteriorate. This was beginning to impact on filming quality and that had been exaggerated with the onset of High Definition cameras; any deviation in the floor surface was magnified by the HD cameras. The issue was "how to refurbish the studio floor with little down time so as to not impact on filming new productions?"

Working with our binder provider Gypsol and the contractor EJS Flooring Solutions, the studios decided that Gallaflo XS flowing screed would be the best option. Speedy installation of the 1000m2 un-bonded screed, 50mm thick, would enable the 50 cubic metres of screed to be installed in one day. The ability to force dry the screed would enable the chosen paint finish to be applied much quicker than other options.

We were perfectly placed to meet the logistics plan to supply the 50 cubic metres of flowing screed on the day of the pour. Gallagher supplied the screed in 7m3 loads and ensured that there was a continuous supply of Gallaflo XS until the screeding was finished.

EJS Flooring Solutions finished the screeding on time and with a very high level quality finish.

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