Aylesford Station Footbridge

Aylesford, Kent

Project Sector



C Spencer

Enabling access, safeguarding passengers

Although the county is a major commuter belt, many of the smaller stations across rural Kent are unstaffed. In the mid 2010s, train operating company Southeastern embarked on a major programme of works to replace 70 footbridges at across its network to improve passenger access and safety. 

Gallagher Ltd was appointed by Spencer Group to work on the first of these new footbridges, which was erected at Aylesford station. The contract included

  • Reduce level excavations and dispose of arisings off-site.
  • CFA pile breakdown and preparation of pile heads.
  • Construction of reinforced concrete foundations, with concrete supplied by our Hermitage Quarry.
  • Waterproofing and backfilling of foundations.
  • Construction of new PQ reinforced concrete and tarmacadam footpaths to the new footbridge.