Kentish Ragstone name plaque supplied for World Ploughing Contest

Following the successful 2015 National Ploughing Contest held in Marden, Kent, Gallagher’s Masonry Department was commissioned by the Society of Ploughmen to supply a fitting name plaque and bespoke display feature incorporating our Kentish Ragstone for this year’s World Ploughing Contest to be held in Crockery Hill, North Yorkshire on 10th and 11th September.

The design remit required the competition's title and date along with the contest's Motif of York 2016 inscribed in gold within a relief section of the globe. Latin wording inscribed below with the meaning ‘Let Peace Cultivate the Fields’ was also hand carved onto the polished Kentish Ragstone panel.

30 stone plaques originating from 30 different countries taking part in the competition were fitted to the base stone with stones and competitors coming from as far as Australia, USA and New Zealand.

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