Landscape stone

Add stylish and practical touches to your outdoor space with Kentish Ragstone. The possibilities are endless for external paths, patios, steps, fire pits, water features and general landscaping requirements.

Terraced Kentish Ragstone steps can create a strong focal point and bring character to your garden. Pavers take up most of the space where unwanted weeds and grass might grow, creating a striking pattern, and clear direction and division within your garden.

Kentish Ragstone chippings with its earthy texture and its crunchy sound underfoot are the reasons why this oldest of hardscapes will always be perceived as the softest of paving materials. Hefty Kentish Ragstone boulders help anchor the hillsides and undulating features within your garden, forming the perfect spot for displaying plants.

Kentish Ragstone is ideal for water features, such as a rocky bank, stepping stones and broad flagstones near the water’s edge. Even a few small boulders or monoliths strategically positioned next to a path or perimeter fence can make a striking design statement.

Landscape stone data sheet