Kentish Ragstone image library

Kentish Ragstone is the most widespread building stone used throughout the South East of England. It has been the most utilised hard rock within Kent over the last 1000 years and is commonly seen throughout the county, particularly in houses, walls and churches. As you drive around Kent, you will be surprised at just how prolific its use has been.

As people become more aware of the availability of Kentish Ragstone and its attributes, local planning authorities and architects are increasingly specifying its use in new developments in order to continue the tradition of incorporating Kentish Ragstone into the built environment.

Gallagher has put together an image library of buildings throughout the South East that have been built of Kentish Ragstone; these range from Leeds Castle built in 1119 to houses, bridges and walls built in the last few years. Also included are examples of historical buildings that have recently been restored using Kentish Ragstone, thus ensuring the repairs blend in with the traditional Kentish Ragstone.

Click on the images above to view the library or click here to download a pdf of the image library.