21st Century

There is still a real demand for Kentish Ragstone today. It is used for new build construction, restoration of historical buildings, bespoke projects, coastal defences, memorials and art projects - the possibilities are endless!

If Ragstone cannot be obtained locally, the historic buildings and castles which are such an important part of our heritage will have to be repaired with stone imported from abroad or elsewhere in the UK, making it impossible for the repairs to be blended in with traditional Kentish Ragstone.

Kentish Ragstone is increasingly being specified by Planners who want to ensure new builds blend in with the vernacular character of Kent's historic architecture.

A new Aldi store in Maidstone has been built using Kentish Ragstone supplied by Hermitage Quarry. The Aldi store is opposite Maidstone Prison, which is built of Kentish Ragstone, hence the planner's desire for the Aldi store to fit in with its surroundings.

In addition to buildings, Kentish Ragstone is used extensively in construction, road building and engineering purposes as modern quarrying techniques allow the exacting quality standards for these materials to be met.