Educational Visits

At Gallagher, we believe it is important that everyone understands the quarrying industry, from the geology and heritage of Kentish Ragstone to the actual quarrying process and the restoration of a quarry. Education is an important aspect in helping customers and the community understand why the quarrying industry is so essential, the full range of products that it produces and the positive part it plays in the local economy and environment.

Open days and visits

We encourage schools, colleges, interest groups and societies to come and visit the Hermitage Estate and the quarry so they can see first hand the entire operation, from drilling and blasting to screening and washing, and finally to infilling and restoration. Visitors are also given an opportunity to look around the whole estate, to see the land that has been restored, the cattle farm and the conservation work we do there.

Come to our quarry to see:University of Greenwich students

  • Our quarry at work from our viewing platform
  • Our excavators, loading shovels, dumper trucks and tipper lorries at work
  • How Ragstone and hassock are crushed, screened and washed
  • How we can recycle waste into top quality recycled aggregates

We look forward to welcoming you to Hermitage Quarry and helping you gain a real insight into how a quarry works.

Promoting safety in quarries

The Mineral Products Association's (MPA) annual Stay Safe Campaign sees the industry working closely with local communities, emergency services and the media to discourage people from entering quarries uninvited and putting their lives at risk; Gallagher is a strong supporter of this campaign.

Visit the MPA for more educational resources and for further information on mineral extraction and quarrying. Its Virtual Quarry is an invaluable resource for children and teachers, illustrating through animated characters the full production process from blasting to restoration.

If you would like further information, copies of our quarrying leaflet aimed specifically at children or to arrange a visit to Hermitage Quarry, please contact us.