Blaise Farm Quarry

Blaise Farm Quarry in West Malling, near to Junction 4 of the M20, commenced quarrying operations back in 2001 with the first phase of operation being developed to accommodate a 'green' composting facility. Due to the physical characteristics of the deposit, it generally competes in the lower end of the aggregates value chain, producing a suite of fills and road stones.

Blaise Farm competes generally against recycled products but complements the Hermitage resource by providing the general fills and capping materials, thus preserving the higher grade Hermitage reserves. Currently Blaise Farm Quarry produces its products by 'in-pit' processing techniques that have the capability of high volumes of granular fill products, usually on a campaign basis.

Blaise Farm Quarry Product Range

  • Class 1A, inert granular fill
  • Class 6A, 6B and 6C, selected granular material, starter layer
  • Class 6F1-5, selected granular material, capping
  • Class 6N, 6P, selected granular material, fill in structures
  • Type 1