A successful regeneration of the ecosystem.

Reinstatement of the surrounding environment is key to the success of the Hermitage Estate.

In the last 20 years, 30 hectares (74 acres) of Hermitage Farm have been quarried and 16 hectares (40 acres) have been reinstated to productive agricultural land. The farm is mainly cattle rearing and the grazing quality of the restored land is outstripping the yields of the original pasture.

DormouseNature conservation is a key objective of not just the restoration but the whole of the estate and over a quarter of a million native trees and shrubs have been planted as hedges, copse and woodland. These are already creating habitats that support major ecological improvements to the wildlife both in terms of population and the types of species.

Gallaghers has improved and created a number of footpaths around the estate and has plans for more improvements. The dream is to create an environment that can be shared and enjoyed by all of it’s neighbours including those less fortunate people who are dependent on wheelchairs.

Our built society cannot function without the output from quarries and at Gallaghers we are proud of the way that we have managed to integrate Hermitage into the landscape and the local community. It provides a range of products to the local construction industry that would otherwise travel over huge distances either by road, rail or sea from other parts of the country or, indeed, from the continent with the consequent effect on cost and the environment. Local jobs for local people is an important aspect in these difficult times and the value to the local economy is very significant.

By careful planning, design and investment, Gallaghers has created a profitable business at Hermitage Farm that is not visible above the skyline but, which is able to fund the ongoing maintenance and improvements to the Hermitage Estate.

Surprisingly perhaps, most people who pass the quarry entrance everyday have little or no idea of the workings that lie within a few hundred metres.