Demelza 101 Blog

Stephen Gallagher, Richard Harrison and Adrian Hollamby are about to set off on their bikes to Paris to raise money for Demelza Hospice. This blog will keep you updated on their progress as they cycle 286 miles over 5 days from Sittingbourne to Paris.

To support them, visit

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Thank you to everyone who has supported them so far.

And afterwards ...!

Thanks to all of you that have truly supported us on route - the comments and feedback have really helped us get through it all- signing out now as we are getting bladdered!

Oh dear!

Hey Jude!

Paris done - 05.00am

Sunday morning breakfast

Day 4  - they made it to Paris!

One for KB!

JK remember this moment?!!

Coffee time with a bit of cake!

Rest stop


Shane's found a new room mate!

Day 3

Two miles to go - beer o'clock! 94 miles to go and counting!




Day 3 - breakfast

Breakfast is served :(

Day 2 - the evening

Day 2 done and they are off to the pub!

It is all going a bit wrong!

90 miles tomorrow and our Yellow Jersey is on the shots!

Day 2 - afternoon

Yoga at afternoon tea!

Afternoon tea

First sign of history

Sobering moment

Day 2 - so far

Look at the fantastic seven! Ladies, I'm sure your legs have gone weak at the knees!

Action shot #lost

Action shot - golden shower from Hollamby!

Still looking for SG ...

Breakfast at the top of the hill - there are other people around honest! Keeping up with yellow jersey Hollamby!

Scenic view - apart from the Hollamby

Divine intervention

Friends Reunited


4pm Wednesday

Day 1 done and it has to have been the worst cycling weather on record! Now for a couple of pints!

3pm Wednesday Afternoon tea with a pint of Curious Brew

12pm Wednesday

Shane's athletic stretching routine at lunch.

Proof there are others on the bike ride as well!

11.20am on Wednesday

It is cold, wet and windy - but they are the first to the lunch stop. Hopefully they won't peak too soon!

11am on Wednesday

18 miles done - they have reached Egerton


They have even received a good luck message from This Morning and Good Morning Britain!  


Getting ready for the off!


They seem to have gained a new team member!