The new Aylesford Reservoir, Kent

South East Water is constructing a new £2 million covered service reservoir in Aylesford near Maidstone, Kent, to help meet the future demand for water in the area, as well as helping to serve the existing 15,000 customers in Aylesford.

Construction on the new reservoir began in July 2011 and it is expected to be completed during the spring of 2012.

J Murphy & Sons is contracted to build all of South East Water’s service reservoirs between 2010 and 2015.

Building Aylesford Reservoir requires a huge amount of concrete, so after submitting its tender bid along with three other companies, Gallagher Aggregates Ltd was the successful bidder.

The location of Gallagher Aggregates Ltd, approximately 500 metres from the reservoir site, played a part in its successful bid as the carbon footprint of transporting the large volume of concrete is kept to a minimum and local labour can be employed.

In all, Gallagher Aggregates Ltd will supply approximately 2,500 cubic metres of concrete to the site over the year long project.