Strood Academy

Three new academies are being built in Kent with BAM as the main contractor; the Strood Academy, the Bishop of Rochester Academy in Chatham and the Brompton Academy in Brompton. The StroodAcademy is the first of the developments.

Gallagher’s involvement in the construction of the Strood Academy was in two phases.

Firstly, Gallagher did the groundworks for the school, which consisted of:

  • pad foundations and laying a concrete slab for the building
  • surface water drainage, which drained into soakaways
  • foul water drainage, which is connected into the existing public system
  • substantial external works.

Once the groundworks were completed, Gallagher left the site whilst the new school was being built. On completion of the first phase construction, the staff and pupils took up residence to enable the demolition of the existing school, after which Gallagher returned to site to complete external works and construct new sports pitches and playgrounds.