Two new key appointments

We are pleased to announce two important appointments.

1. Ken Baillie is appointed Group Construction Director. After many years as MD of construction Ken now has the remit, and more time, to contribute to all aspects of the Group – construction, aggregates and property.

Although we have grown steadily over the years we have not compromised the principle that we are one team and that we all benefit as a result. Quite apart from his vast experience and cool head in a crisis, Ken will now be able to devote more time to ensuring we are joined up and to maintaining our culture.

Ken will continue to play an important role in contracting, utilising his contacts and technical knowledge to help keep contracting on top of its game. He will also continue to take lead responsibility for Plant.


2. Mick O’Hare is appointed Managing Director of Gallagher Ltd, leading our construction business.

Mick joined us at the beginning of 2016 after many years in senior construction positions. His experience in the industry and in leadership positions is a great benefit to us and he has a ‘can do’ attitude and ‘keep it simple’ approach that fits well with Gallagher.

Mick has spent the last 6 months getting to know the business and the people in it, our customers and the nuances of specialist groundwork sub-contracting which remains our core business in construction.

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