Gallapave Roller Compacted Concrete laid at Flanders Farm in Hoo

  • Gallapave RCC at Flanders Farm
  • Gallapave RCC at Flanders Farm
  • Gallapave RCC at Flanders Farm

As part of its contract to do the groundworks for an additional fruit storage and packaging facility at Flanders Farm in Hoo, Gallagher has just laid nearly 3 acres of Gallapave RCC (roller compacted concrete).

Gallapave RCC was chosen for this project as it meant the new service yard could be laid in less than 10 days and there was no need for steel reinforcement. If ready mixed concrete was used, the pour would have taken up to six weeks.

Gallapave RCC is a zero-slump concrete that is compacted by vibratory rollers.

  • Up to 5000m2 can be laid in one day
  • No formwork is required
  • No need for reinforcing steel
  • No finishing – as it has a rolled finish, similar to fine rolled asphalt

The surface texture of RCC is smooth and suitable for parking, materials handling and road pavements, where the traffic speeds are relatively low (< 60 km/hour).

RCC can be designed to achieve compressive and flexural strengths comparable to pavement quality concrete and may be regarded for pavement design purposes as unreinforced concrete.

Gallapave RCC is part of the new Gallapave range, which includes Gallapave HBM (Hydraulically Bound Mixtures) which can be used in roads and pavements as a structural cement bound layer. It can reduced construction costs by up to 25% and lead to less excavated material going to landfill as the construction waste is reduced.

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