Cycling 350 miles for Demelza Hospice

  • Cycling for Demelza Hospice
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Three Gallagher staff will shortly be embarking on a 350 mile cycle ride from Sittingbourne to Amsterdam to raise money for Demelza Hospice.

The Gallagher Group has been closely associated with Demelza for the last few years, in particular, the 2014 Demelza 101 cycle ride from Sittingbourne to Paris, where the collective sum of £20,000 was achieved. So when Demelza’s chief fundraiser asked Steve Gallagher if he wanted to put forward a team for the 2nd Demelza 101, it was easy to find three willing “volunteers”, Stephen Gallagher, Richard Harrison and Keith Watkins, who were prepared to cycle 350 miles from Sittingbourne to Amsterdam between Wednesday 27th April and Saturday 30th April.

The recent cold weather has been a great excuse to say it is hindering their training regime, not to mention the lack of ability, but they are confident they will get there in the end - after all Monday is a Bank Holiday in Amsterdam too.

Keith Watkins said, “after missing out on being able to take part in the Sittingbourne to Paris event 2 years ago I was keen to take part in this ride - was keen! Now the time of the ride is upon us, up to 100 miles per day in doing 350 miles in 4 days seems a bit of a daunting and painful task. I'm praying for good weather as riding over the lowlands of Holland into winds and rain will make it feel more like 200 miles a day. The aches and pains however are going to be worth it for Demelza and the work they do.”

Demelza needs to raise in excess of £8 million a year to sustain two centers, the one in Sittingbourne and the other in Eltham, South East London.

The team will be very thankful for any donations received, big or small, and all the money raised will be gratefully received by Demelza, enabling them to carry on their incredible work.


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