Gallagher's Kentish Ragstone - how it's made film

  • Drilling before the blast at Hermitage Quarry
  • Blast at Hermitage Quarry
  • Transporting Kentish Ragstone
  • Assessing the stone
  • Gilbert primary saw
  • GMM Secondary Saw
  • Gilbert primary saw
  • Guillotine
  • Working with Kentish Ragstone
  • Polishing Kentish Ragstone
  • Working on Kentish Ragstone

Gallagher Aggregates has made a short film to show the full production process for its Kentish Ragstone.

Gallagher is the only company still quarrying Kentish Ragstone, the only hard rock available at shallow depth in the South East. The film shows the whole process from drilling and blasting at Hermitage Quarry to sawing, polishing and placing the stone in new build and restoration projects.

This unique masonry stone has been used as a premium building stone for thousands of years and has been widely used throughout the South East of England to construct many of the finest historical buildings such as Westminster Abbey, Leeds Castle, Tower of London, Maidstone Prison and Knole House.

Kentish Ragstone is today being used not only in restoration schemes but as a modern building stone on new build projects to maintain the local character and rich pedigree of Kent’s architecture.

Click here to view the film.

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