Gallagher extending Ardo UK coldstore

  • Gallagher working on site

Gallagher Ltd has been appointed by Chalcroft to extend an existing Ardo UK coldstore in Charing, Kent.

The works, which are being done over a 38 week period, will see the existing coldstore extended by 20%, increasing its capacity from 19,000 to 23,200 pallets, all while the facility remains fully operational.

Gallagher's contract is to:

  • Reduce level excavation & off-site disposal to Hermitage Quarry
  • Cut & fill earthworks, (fill materials supplied from Gallagher's Hermitage Quarry)
  • Construction of RC foundations, (concrete supplied from Gallagher's Hermitage Quarry)
  • Drainage & ducting
  • PQ service-yard slabs
  • External finishes; roads & pavements

Gallagher's scope of works will be undertaken in 24 weeks.

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