Pat and the beanstalk

  • Pat And The Beanstalk
  • Pat and the beanstalk
  • Pat and the beanstalk

To conclude our year of celebrating 40 years of the Gallagher Group, we have produced a pantomime, called Pat and the Beanstalk.

The story starts 40 years ago, soon after Pat set up the Gallagher Group. A witch places a curse on the company which leads to the company falling on hard times 40 years later. All Pat has left is one JCB which he is forced to take to market but on the way he meets an old lady who offers him four green beans in exchange for the JCB. As the beans are his favourite colour, Pat accepts the offer but that is when the trouble really starts …. Find out what happens to Pat and his friends by clicking on either of the links below:



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