Proactive approach to safety

  • Behavioural Safety Training

Recognising that good safety management cannot be achieved with written procedures alone, and that good practice starts from the top down, Gallagher has embarked on an interactive safety awareness programme for site managers, engineers and supervisors, which will then be rolled out to all site operatives.

All Gallagher site managers, engineers and supervisors attended a Behavioural Safety Workshop on Saturday 23rd November. The aim of this behavioural safety training is to demonstrate what good safety looks like by taking a close look at what we do, how we can do it better and showing that with everyone taking responsibility we can continue to keep our accident and incident statistics at a low level.

The day included a talk by Jennifer Deeney, who is a motivational speaker for behavioural safety following the death of her husband, Kieron Deeney, on a construction site. Jennifer devotes her time to making people’s working lives safer, using Kieron’s story as a powerful and sobering reminder of the fragility of our everyday lives and the vital role that workplace safety play in securing all our futures. Jennifer is also an ambassador for the Lighthouse Club, the construction industry's charity.



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