Plans submitted for Waterside Park

  • ADL's headquarters in Marden
  • A Scarab sweeper at work in Canary Wharf

A planning application for a new business park at Junction 8 of the M20 has been submitted to Maidstone Borough Council.

Waterside Park would, if granted permission, create manufacturing facilities, warehousing and logistics centres, alongside high quality international headquarters for two successful Maidstone companies at Junction 8 of the M20.

26 acres of the 42 acre site would be developed and occupied by Automotive Distributors Ltd (ADL), Scarab Sweepers Ltd and others, the remainder being soft landscaping and common areas. The site is boundaried by woodland, ponds, Old Mill Road and the A20 so cannot be extended.

The two companies, currently both based in Marden, have announced that they wish to invest at Waterside Park and relocate their combined current workforce of 450 people. It is anticipated that by the time both companies are able to move they will employ more than 600 people, with the vast majority living in the Maidstone area.

More information on the plans can be viewed at

The plans have been submitted to Maidstone Borough Council whose reference is MA/13/1549, and can be viewed here.

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