New statue honours Maidstone's Crimean War Hero

  • Statue of Captain Nolan
  • Statue of Captain Nolan
  • One of the panels on plinth of Statue of Captain Nolan
  • The Kentish Ragstone plinth for the Statue of Captain Nolan

Gallagher Aggregates Ltd has supplied stone and concrete for a new statue in Maidstone. The statue honours Captain Lewis Edward Nolan, who was the first soldier killed in the Charge of the Light Brigade in 1854.

Nolan was initially blamed for the disaster, which saw 600 men charge into the wrong valley where they were fired upon by the Russian artillary from three sides. Nolan's commanders Lord Raglan and Lord Cardigan have subequently been blamed for the disaster.

Captain Nolan was Riding Master at Maidstone Cavalry Depot between 1841 and 1854 and he attended the former Holy Trinity Church.

The statue was commissioned by Maidstone Borough Council and was designed and made by Gordon Newton of The Stone Shop in East Farleigh. The statue stands on a plinth made of Kentish Ragstone which was supplied by Gallagher's Hermitage Quarry. Gallagher Aggregates also supplied ready mixed concrete, ashlar blocks and capping stone.

The statue is located in Trinity Foyer in Church Street, Maidstone, which is outside of the former ophthalmic hospital, which is also made of Kentish Ragstone.

This life size statue is a fitting tribute to Maidstone's Crimean War Hero and the panels on the plinth give a detailed history of Captain Nolan's involvement in Maidstone and the Crimean War.




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