Hermitage Quarry sets an example Down Under

  • Rob Sippe and his wife Ann with Pat Gallagher
  • Hermitage Quarry
  • A restored field at Hermitage Farm
  • Restored land at Ryarsh
  • Restored land at Ryarsh
  • Restored land at Ryarsh

When an Australian quarryman, Rob Sippe, did an internet search for companies noted for restoring land following quarrying, Gallagher came out first in the search results. He decided to contact Gallagher to ask if he could see first hand how Gallagher restores the void left by quarrying during a recent visit to England.

Rob Sippe is the managing director of Eclipse Resources, a land developer and limestone and sand quarrying firm based in Perth, Western Australia.

Pat Gallagher was more than happy to show Mr Sippe and his wife Ann around Hermitage Quarry, Hermitage Estate and a restored former landfill site in Ryarsh, near West Malling. They spent the day visiting the quarry and seeing the green fields and woodland that now cover over 30 acres of previously-quarried land at Hermitage Estate. They also visited the site at Ryarsh where until recently Gallagher Aggregates operated an inert landfill site. This followed many years of sand extraction by a local brick company, resulting in a large void that remained once sand extraction was completed. In 2011 the land was returned to its original contours and seeded to return it to agricultural use. The site produced its first harvest in the Summer of 2012.

Mr Sippe said, "I used an internet search for companies noted for quarry land restoration following quarrying and Gallagher came first. I'm impressed with what I've seen. I just love the way the land is seamlessly restored back to productive land use."

Pat said, "It was a pleasure to show our Australian friends what we have achieved and I'm looking forward to visiting them in Perth."

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