Relocation of great crested newts to Allington Castle

  • A great crested newt at its new home at Allington Castle
  • Reptile fencing at Brooklyn Park
  • Bottle traps were placed in the pond to catch tadpoles, juveniles and adults
  • Relocation of great crested newts at Brooklyn Park
  • Great crested newts being released at their new home at Allington Castle
  • A new pond at Allington Caslte for the great crested newts

The relocation of great crested newts from Brooklyn Park to Allington Castle is currently underway.

Brooklyn Park is a one hectare site located north of Junction 6 of the M20 motorway. It is an island site surrounded by three main roads. It has a pond in the north east corner which is populated by great crested newts.

Gallagher Properties Ltd obtained planning permission for 3,500 sq m (38,000 sq ft) of B1/B8 distribution warehousing on the site. Prior to any work being carried out on site, the great crested newt population had to be translocated to a new site. This required a licence from Natural England and the translocation work had to be carried out by a licensed specialist, Dr Lee Brady of Calumma Ecological Services. The licence was necessary as the great crested newt is a European Protected Species.

The newts are captured by bottle traps, buckets and amphibian matting, which are checked every morning for 60 consecutive days. New ponds have been formed at Allington Castle to receive the translocated population, which are released on the day of capture. So far, over 500 adults and 1000 juveniles and tadpoles have been relocated to Allington Castle.

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Click here for more information on the relocation of the newts to Allington Castle.

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