Gallagher sponsoring Award 'trophy' in Kent Design and Development Awards

Gallagher is sponsoring the Award ‘trophy’ in the 2012 Kent Design and Development Awards, which is being designed by a local artist Dan Stafford.

Dan Stafford recently visited Gallagher's Hermitage Quarry to select the Kentish Ragstone for the trophy. Watch the video of Dan's visit below.



The organisers wanted the trophies to ‘use materials sourced locally…… featuring a contemporary design’. As the only natural hardstone in Kent, Kentish Ragstone is widely represented in the local built environment and has been used in thousands of churches, buildings, bridges, houses and walls for many centuries. It was therefore the obvious local material to choose for the awards and as the only producer of Kentish Ragstone suitable for use in buildings, Gallagher was pleased to sponsor this aspect of the Kent Design & Development Awards 2012.

Submissions are now open for the 2012 Awards. The Kent Design and Development Awards are held every two years to reward and celebrate architectural and building design excellence in Kent. Click here for more information on the awards.

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