Gallagher helps backfill Roman excavation in East Farleigh

  • East Farleigh excavation backfill
  • East Farleigh backfill excavation

Gallagher has helped the Maidstone Area Archaeological Group by backfilling its excavation of a Roman building in East Farleigh to help preserve the site over the winter months.

“We are very grateful to Mr Gallagher for his kindness in lending us his men and equipment on Monday, 19th December to backfill our excavation at East Farleigh. We were concerned that the ragstone walls of the Roman buildings would have been damaged by the winter frosts, but your timely intervention has meant that they have now been preserved. The members of our Group who attended were impressed with the speed and professionalism shown by the men,” said Linda Weeks, Honorary Secretary of the Maidstone Area Archaeological Group.

The Maidstone Area Archaeological Group has been excavating a group of Roman buildings at East Farleigh since 2005 and has uncovered a building measuring 29m by 15m and consisting of three rooms surrounded on three sides by a 4m-wide corridor. The walls consisted of Kentish ragstone 450mm wide on a 600mm wide mortared foundation, on 700mm plus of trench-fill dry Kentish ragstone. The group of buildings may well have been part of a Roman farmstead that supplied those working at the quarries near Dean Street, a mile or so away, which supplied the Kentish ragstone used to construct the walls of Roman London. Click here for more information on the use of Kentish Ragstone in Roman times.

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